Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Blocked Shawl

I recently blocked a shawl for a knitter friend. She knitted it out of Kauni yarn, which is full of color and is perfect for large shawls.

This first picture shows the pre-blocking version. While it is still really pretty in that state, you couldn't get the full effect of all the lace work and you missed the little points on the edging.

 Here is the shawl on the blocking board. I soaked it in Euchalen for 20 minutes, rolled out the excess water in a towel, and then pinned it out on the board/floor. Each little point was pinned to pull out the detail. Whenever I block lace, I pin it and then pull the work out even further and re-pin it moving each pin out separately. I find that this duel pinning method helps me to gain extra inches and really show off the lace.

One of the great things about this yarn is how the color always seems to change just right. Debbie did actively decide to put the color she wanted by her face at the top (cast on) edge. Otherwise, those great color changes are the yarn working for you. Beautiful job!

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