Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Patrick's 40th was a full weekend of celebration! We had so much fun and laughed a ton. On Friday (his actual bday) I surprised him by spraying him with silly string. It was HiLaRiOuS! He threw up his hands and squeezed his eyes shut like I was a tossing a brick at him. When he realized what was going on he opened one eye and started laughing. Poor little Kiki was sitting with him and didn't find any humor in the situation. Oops.

That night, we went to Oakley's Bistro. OMG. Wow. The food was amazing. I prepared by reading up on reviews of the place so that I could tell PK what they were known for/etc. (He didn't know where we were going until I pulled up at the place.) I agree with all the online reviews I read. Best meal I have ever had. You MUST get the shrimp corn dog and the lobster waffle as starters. I really, really enjoyed my butternut squash soup and PK loved his Toad in a Hole asparagus salad and his duck duo meal. We kept saying that we imagined that this is how the food must taste on Top Chef. It is a place to reserve for very special occasions due to price, but I do hear that the lunch is more economical.

We came home, rested up, and then got up early the next day to head north. Katie and Doug went with us to a few brew places. The boys really enjoyed all the beer and Katie and I enjoyed all the laughing we did. Lots of funny, funny comments made throughout the day. One of the places was Three Floyd's Brewing Company. Loved the fun atmosphere and funny beer names, such as the Topless Wych.

We got home, rested up, and got up early AGAIN the next day! Patrick had been talking about getting a tattoo for a few years now. So, I made all the arrangements at Voluta Tattoo with Laura and away we went. She did such a great job turning a simple endless knot into a more personalized tattoo. Some of you who know Patrick might know the "serious" side of him and find a tattoo to be out of character. However, his creative side leaves him open-minded to all avenues of art. I found something poetic in his tattoo pick, which is appropriate for, well, a poet.

I've already been asked by many people if I will be getting one. The only needles I like are the knitting kind!

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