Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why I Love Crochet for Flowers

Recently, I had a customer order two hats for a soon to be born baby. I knitted up a Flowers of Fall with a rolled brim instead of the seed stitch border. She also requested a hat with rosebuds on top. I didn't want to use an existing knitting pattern for this hat because I like to do my own patterns and use my own intellectual property. So, I used my math and measurements for the rolled portion of the hat and then crocheted up the leaves and flower buds. I've seen students make the knitted version of rolled flowers and it takes a long time to get all those little guys done. As an experiment, I knitted one up and timed myself and them crocheted one up. The knitted one took 5 minutes and I wasn't all that happy with the roll as you have to roll it up and sew it to keep it that way. The crocheted one took for under a minute and self rolls. The results are super cute!

All yarns used on the black hat are Vintage Worsted. I used a size 5 needle and my own made up pattern for the hat numbers and the crocheted flowers. I'm thinking of changing the hat to crochet and releasing it as a fully crocheted hat! Stay tuned!

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