Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Projects Gone Awry

I blog all the time about the projects that I finish. And after having 40+ UFOs on the needles several years ago, I have myself VERY controlled about unfinished items now. (Currently, I have two sweaters, the Babette blanket, 1 monthly club project, and two designs on the needles/hooks. I don't think that is too bad considering that I finish 2-3 projects a week. If only I could finish the damn Babette blanket!)

Anyway, I rarely blog about those that go awry. Sadly, sometimes projects do go that way despite the best laid plans. Two recent projects were falling into this category and I was somewhat devastated about this given that I had spent much time on these two projects, they were lovely yarns, and I was so excited about the patterns. They both were suffering the same problem. Rolling. Terrible. Terrible. Rolling. Which resulted in the garments being incredibly unflattering. I tossed them in the studio closet stomped my feet and huffed around about it. After a few months, yes months, I was out running errands and spending some time in my own thoughts. I realized that if someone brought one of these into the shop I would tell them, "Try this or try that before you rip out your beautiful work."

I go on and on about the value of blocking when I teach. I tout the magic of it to customers who are at their wits end. Well, Gina, what the heck? At least TRY blocking them to see if that works...

 They look a mess! Ugh. Nothing that I could ever save or wear, right. Well...

I'm so happy that I was able to rescue this project. 

Yarn: 80/10/10 sport Madelinetosh in Smokey Orchid
Superwash merino/cashmere/nylon
I used 2 skeins for a total of 500 yards.
I used a size US 8 Addi Turbo.

Pattern is the 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf and is a free Ravelry download from tentenknits.
Mods: I didn't do the total width per pattern and I shortened it. Even with that, it still looks huge on me. It is so long that it goes past my knees! Woohoo. I still have one skein of this yarn to knit into another lovely project. 

Now, the other project is still up for debate. The blocking fixed the rolling issue. However, I still have the unflattering poncho problem in my head. I haven't totally decided to scrap it. Going to sit with it for a bit longer and ponder what could become of it. Perhaps, maybe, ugh, steeking it and turning it into some type of cardigan or shrug. We shall see. 

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