Thursday, February 24, 2011

Play Ball, People!

Right before Valentine's Day we got to visit with my SIL and her hubby & son. The night we arrived was Jack's 2nd birthday party. It was so cute to see him playing with his friends and how excited he was by the gifts. The next day we went to the Discovery Center and I think the adults played as much as Jack did. I would say my favorite was the green screen sports area. Patrick and Pete played snowboarding and soccer. Jack was in awe as to why Pappa and Uncle Pateeek were jumping like idiots! That night and the next day we played many rounds of bounce the balloon off of Uncle Patrick's head. He giggled that little kid giggle that makes you smile from ear to ear.

 Meg got super cute decorations off of Etsy.

 Trying to give Coco a hug. SO cute.

Happy Birthday Dear Jack...

One of the funniest things was to hear Jack and all of his little phrases. He would say Aunt Gina sorta like AunNina. At one point he told all of us, "Play Ball, People!" Meg said that was a brand new one and nobody knows where he picked it up! He also says, "Oh man!" a lot, which is adorable. It's so nice to see life through a 2-year-old. Check back in over the next few days for the pictures from the Discovery day.

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