Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day: Aidan, Jack, Raleigh, and Ella!

As my 7-year-old nephew described it, today is about celebrating love. (Isn't that cute?) In addition to celebrating my love for PK and knitting, I put together some packages for the nephews. We always have so much fun putting together fun little items for smaller holidays throughout the year. Not having our own children means we can do that for them and we get to act like kids doing it. I think I enjoy finding the silly stuff more than the Christmas holiday gifts.

This year, Aidan received Pop the Pig. You feed the pig until his belly pops. Uncle Patrick just HAD to have that for him. Cracked me up.

Jack got some fun educational DVDs to watch. (I'm hoping this might help out Meg when she has two little ones to balance and needs to take a shower!) I also made him a Fish Hat. What a fun pattern this is! It is from and you can make the fish alive or dead. I opted for alive since it was for a 2-year-old. I used all worsted weight yarns, followed the pattern as written, but used a size 5 needle to tighten the gauge and make for a toddler head.

Green is Miss Babs
Orange is Plymouth Encore
Red and Tweed are Cascade 220 Supewash

Raleigh is getting a little outfit -- Superman shirt/jeans -- some books and other little goodies. He'll look so cute in them. I just hope they still fit him. He's growing so fast! (I should have new pictures of him soon to share. He had another photo session and they turned out really nice.)

I wasn't going to get anything for Ella just yet, but I couldn't resist when I saw this little number!

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Meg and Pete said...

Happy Valentine's Day!! We actually watched one of the Leapfrog videos this morning when wake up time was a little early and mommy wasn't quite awake yet :) They are cute!