Friday, January 7, 2011

A Knitter's Holiday and Break

So...I've been a little absent from the blog for the last few weeks. I took some time off from life and spent days with Patrick and the dogs, visiting with friends and family, and enjoying some me time. Now it is time to get back into it! I hope that all of you were able to take some time for yourself, too. I find something oddly comforting in taking all the decor down and getting back to the norm.

This Christmas we were at our house for Christmas Day so we got up to see what Santa delivered, went to see The King's Speech (wonderful), and had homemade thai chicken wraps (yummy). I was super surprised and excited when I saw the great gifts from PK. Such cool items. I didn't really ask for anything this year (well a laminator and a yarn scale - woohoo), but those were more business related. Check it out!

 Said yarn scale, some fun stitch markers, and EZ's PBS series and Glossary on DVD! I'm saving these for a snow day where I can sit in front of the TV with needles, yarn, and a notebook to learn all her fantastic ideas. I tasted some of the glossary on Christmas Day and learned some great tips already!

 I about fell off the sofa when I opened this original art print from Sheep Incognito. I LOVE the Bumble Baa. I can't believe I get to keep him. He is snuggled in the yarn studio surrounded by yarn.

 Aren't these cool? This etsy store (Hey Cary Ann) sells button rings. They take buttons and turn them into wearable jewelry. I thought it was such a cute idea. Some nice everyday rings.

I was super spoiled, but the most important gift was PK's company. Love that man! I had to spoil him with some gifts, too. He spent the day getting his new Air all set up. He was like a little kid. To go along with the computer he received a game and some scotch. :)

This was his year to find the pickle on the tree and get the extra special gift. 

Of course, no post about our holiday would be complete without the dogs. Each year they get a toy each and some treats. I might as well start putting both toys in Kennedy's stocking and the treats in Riley's. They don't share very well. This year, I gave Riley a toy that had multiple places to pull so that he could at least put up a fight with Kiki to keep it. So far, he has been more aggressive about making her play fair with both the rope toy and the pig (named Bacon by us and recognized as such when we say, "Go get Bacon").

The next post...back to knitting and crochet!

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