Wednesday, December 1, 2010


As I was thinking about some blog posts, I realized I had this odd smattering of things on my desktop.

1. I got my first shipment of the Madelinetosh yarn club. YUMMY! What should I make? Hm....Any suggestions?

2. As I was blogging, PK came back from the grocery and was unpacking things. Kennedy got a little curious and managed to get all of the bags stuck to her. We got a good laugh!

3. I ordered these two bag patterns for me to knit up over Christmas vacation. After all the knitting for gifts and orders, I plan to knit for myself for a few weeks before starting on my goals for 2011. Good grief! 2011!!!! When did that happen? The frightening thing about these bags is that I have all the yarn in my stash. Gulp. Well, that should manage to blow through my felting yarns so that I can have room for more.

4. This year marked my 15 year anniversary at Pearson Education. After looking through the gifts, I went for the fabric steamer. I've been wanting a nice one for blocking and here it was. :) I can't imagine that many people pick the steamer, but I was happy as a clam to get it.

5. Speaking of blocking...I was getting some things organized before blogging and I needed to block some fingerless gloves. I was worried about the finger openings being bound off too tight. Instead of taking them out, I wondered if they could be blocked out first. I wet them and them thought, "What could I use to keep them stretched while drying?" Crochet hooks, of course. It looks kind of creepy! People ask me all the time what I use to block and my answer is always whatever I have around the house that is the right shape and size.

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