Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Knitting Ornaments

Every year I plan to knit some Christmas ornaments and I never get to it. Well, at the prompting of Nan, I finally went out after yoga one Friday and bought some various size glass and styrofoam balls. I found a ball of Holiday Socks yarn in colors that go well with the theme of our tree (and a little glitter :)! So far, I have made one large ornament and one baby. I used the Kalamazoo Knits pattern for the larger one. I winged it for the small one. Now that I understand the construction, I can't wait to make up my own patterns and designs. I think I'll be making lots of ornaments throughout this year!

Aren't the fun? This one is the 3 1/4 inch size in case you want to make some. I do HIGHLY recommend that you use the two circular needle method instead of double points. It makes it much easier to get the ornament into your knitting. I did find the last few rows of the large ornament difficult to do, but I just went with it and then used a really long tail to close any spots that I didn't like. This was a great yarn to use as it changed colors often enough to give the variation within a small sized project. I used size US 2 needles.

I also have to post a picture of this cute little surprise that my SIL's mother gave me. It is SO cute. Thanks, Tonya! It says Knitting Queen on the tag and has yarn and needles in the little bag.

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