Friday, November 5, 2010

Dog Costumes

This was the first year we were home for Halloween in many years. We usually have some other commitment or it is during the week and we opt out of handing out candy. This year, I decided to load up on the candy and dress up the dogs. The kids and adults got a GREAT kick out of Riley and Kennedy. Everybody wanted to know their names and they got lots of pets. Both of them handled it all so wonderfully.

 Our little bundle of grapes and banana split waited patiently for all the kids.

 Riley was glued to the door. He loves watching all the cars and people.

 He was SO cute. Patrick said we needed to glue a spoon onto one of the scoops. 

 We had to eventually pull him away and take off his costume.

 Kiki got a little freaked out when a group would come up. She would let them pet her and love on her, but when they left she would beg us to hold her. She found enough comfort from PK to fall asleep between visitors.

Then...she woke up and had something to say about the entire night!

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