Sunday, October 3, 2010

What TV Character Are You?

So we all know that I'm a big TV fan. (I can hear my Aunt Christine laughing right now! She jokingly says I work for TV Guide.) Anyway, the other day Patrick and I were discussing TV characters and who in our lives remind us of the characters and vice versa. I won't go into naming names, but I will say that we heavily identified folks with The Big Bang Theory, but in a "awe we love them" way!

Patrick did not hesitate at all to call me out as being most like Monica on Friends. He is not the first or even the 15th to tell me this. Guess it might have some truth to it. Yes, I had a ribbon drawer (until I got a ribbon cabinet :) ). Yes, I am insane about things staying organized. Yes, I even have the ONE closet that is totally a wreck and I would prefer to wall off the damn thing and pretend it doesn't exist. Yes, I can tell if something was moved even a 1/2 inch and it drives me nuts until I put it back. Yes, I decorate a side of the Christmas tree to perfection and poor PK gets his side too--that nobody sees. (I love him for his patience, BTW.) And, yes, I pick up things before people are done with them and have no idea that I even did it.

Now...I DON'T have Monica's cooking talent, waistline, or drive to be a mom. I'd settle for the waistline!

Do people tell you that you remind them of a TV character? Do you have people in your life that you swear ARE the person on the show? You might get a chuckle out of thinking that one over as we are in the midst of the fall viewing season.

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