Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Burger 2010

This year, I really wanted to incorporate my knitting or crochet into my pumpkin carving. I searched and searched for a template to use or a piece of artwork I could turn into a stencil. The only thing I found was a site with letters. So I almost did K2, P2. Then, I thought "I could knit or crochet pieces of it!" The idea of a burger isn't new or mine. BUT, the concept of crocheting the toppings is not something I've seen done.

 Yarn: Dream in Color Classy scraps for the burger (Size H crochet hook)
All other pieces used Jeanne DK (Size G crochet hook)

 The fries are the interior of the pumpkin and I used the seeds.

I wasn’t planning to write up the pattern, but here are general directions if you want to give it a try.

Cheese: Chain 21 and then SC in each stitch across. Ch 1, turn, and SC back across. Make to the size you want and finish with a SC around the cheese. (I made two.)

Pickle: Chain 15 to 20 and SC in each one, 3 SCs in the end, 1 SC down the other side, and 3 SCs in the end. Chain 3 and then work a DC in each stitch all the way around. EXCEPT on the ones at the end, put 2 DCs in each to turn the corners.

Lettuce: Wrap around hands and then loop end around top of one piece and tie it. Cut the other end in half so that the shredded lettuce hangs loose.

Tomato: Chain 4 and slip st to first loop to form a circle. Chain 3 (first DC) and work 11 DCs in center of stitch. Chain 3 (first DC) and work 2 DCs in each stitch. Chain 3 (first DC) and work 2 DCs in next st, 1 DC in next st, 2 DCs in next st repeat * to * around. Slip stitch to finish off. Hot glue seeds to pieces.

Hamburger: Work as for tomato, but make it larger by continuing to increase the even number between increases. After it is your desired width, work one row even, and then begin decreases back down. Stuff with filling and seam under. I only decreased back down three rows and then folded it under to seam down.

Patrick got in on the action and went with BSG themed pumpkin. Love it!!!!!

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