Thursday, October 7, 2010

Men's Fingerless Mittens

After finishing up Patrick's Salute hat, I told him I had enough yarn to make either a matching scarf, cowl, or mittens/gloves. He surprised me by asking for fingerless mittens. I didn't even realize that he had heard me talk about the concept of fingerless mitts before! I was excited that it was something that I don't do often AND that I got to keep working with Tosh for a little while longer.

After searching online, I found a free pattern from Designs by KN. A simple rib at the bottom and top and St st in between. Perfect. After working for two days straight on organizing closets, orders, and class materials, I was ready for some non-work knitting. I casted these on in the early evening and knit for an hour or so. I couldn't stay awake any longer and had to stop before finishing up the first one. The next day (after gobs more work knitting), I picked it back up and finished one that night and the next over the next few days. It didn't take longer than say 4 hours total for the pair. A great little pattern for those upcoming holiday gifts, if you are in the need for a "boy" pattern.

Yarn: Tosh Vintage
Needle: US 5 DPNs
Mods: I used a Make One Left increase for the shaping instead of the backward loop method. After knitting the thumb increases, I worked 2 rows even instead of 1. Patrick has long hands, so I needed the extra room to make sure that the thumb join didn't pull. I also added a lot of length in the St st area and top rib to make them long enough for his hands/fingers.

Patrick modeling the mittens. He is all set for winter with his hat and mitts!

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