Monday, October 11, 2010

A Little Owl

I noticed that owls were all the rage this season. All over the stores, a movie about owls, stuffed ones everywhere. I recently received a request to knit an owl hat and a little stuffed owl. Still working on the hat, but the little owl is all wrapped up and on his way to the Hart household for a birthday party. I named him Hootie before I sent him away. So cute!!!!!

Pattern: Fuzzy Mittens Owl with a Baby
US Needle 9 (I used thicker yarn and larger needles than the pattern states)
Yarn: some fluffy Prism yarn I've had in my stash for years!
small amounts of brown and yellow for features

My favorite thing about making him was that his wings and ears are just pieces knotted over and over again and then trimmed. AND...I finally, after all these years, mastered the french knot. Thank goodness.

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