Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's a Man's World Knitter's Holiday Swap - Sending

The latest knitting swap that I joined was centered around women who inspire us. My knitting partner posted about the ladies who inspire her--including her daughter, mother, and Katherine Hepburn. I, of course, am deeply inspired by Elizabeth Zimmerman. At first I thought this was taking the "easy" way out and then I realized that just because it might seem predictable (at least by those in the knitting world), it's true and it is what it is. She was amazing and I admire her for it and strive to be 1% of who she was.

DoubleLee noted that she mostly knits socks/lace, but wanted to try other things too. I decided to give her Knitting Around by EZ so that she could join in the Knitting Zimmerman project if she wanted. I also included Sheldrige Farms worsted weight in two colors for her to make the fair isle mittens and the moccasin socks. That way, she gets to sock knit, but try something different.

Stitch markers with the names of the people she admires.

Katherine Hepburn stamps. The very day she said Katherine inspired her I went to the post office for some routine mailing. I was standing there and the ONLY stamps on the wall in front of me were these. I thought it was a sign, so I grabbed some for her.

I hope she enjoys her swap package and all of the women who "inspired" it. Who do you find inspiring?

I almost forgot the card with the EZ quote on it!!!!!!! Love her humor...

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