Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Amanda Hat

I received this pattern in my swap package. It was designed by Gina House. (I got a chuckle out of our names be so close. I always tell people that you pronounce my last name by rhyming it with House.) Along with the pattern came a skein of Malabrigo in the color Stone Blue. I love this yarn. It is a super soft merino that feels like heaven in your hands. Knitting up the hat reminded me that I have some of this yarn to make a simple cozy pullover sweater. Might have to move that up on the list!!!!

The stitch pattern in an interesting lace repeat that is easy to complete and remember. Because the yarn is so fluffy, it knits up super fast. I knitted it in a few hours on Friday night and finished up the decrease section the next morning. I did leave off one garter stitch section as suggested in the pattern if you don't want such a deep hat. It used a little more than the 50% of the skein noted in the pattern and I used a size 8 needle because I'm a loose knitter.

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