Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, EZ!

When I haven't been knitting on hats or crocheting animals as of late, I've been knitting on my February Lady Sweater knit out of Miss Babs Yowza. Loving the slight color changes--just enough to go with the famous lace pattern in this sweater. I'm below the divide for arms and slowing am making my way down. Right now, I'm planning for full length sleeves on this one--maybe with a slight bell sleeve.

For those who are newer to knitting, this is a free download in Ravelry and is based on the baby sweater design by the amazing Elizabeth Zimmerman. For those of you non-knitters, you might enjoy reading a bio about Elizabeth. Her 100th birthday would have been today. Happy Birthday, EZ!

When I sit in my oversized chair and knit, I often have company visit me. Often, the company wants to occupy the same spot, so we have a little bit of moving around to get everybody happy. The other day I looked down and realized that this is my view while I knit. Cracked me up...

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