Friday, August 27, 2010

Escape to Stitches Midwest: Part II

After dreaming of all the yarn and items I had seen at market and all the things I could do with Japanese stitches, I woke up and prepared for a full day of classes. In signing up for classes this time I tried to take some classes that were further removed from regular knitting. So, Friday morning I had Knitted Carpet Bags and in the afternoon I had Designing Heirloom Rugs.

In the morning session we learned how to create fabric by knitting ribbon and sewing fabric into the knitting, how to turn old clothes into knitting "yarn", and how to knit with fabric. I found that I liked the confetti look in small doses--like a cuff or bracelet and that I didn't enjoy knitting with fabric very much. However, if you like a primitive or country look, this is a great technique for rugs/bags/etc.

The afternoon rug session was something I really enjoyed. This class taught us how to take knitted strips and incorporate them into a rug by turning it on it's side and rolling it along with wool strips. This was a lot of fun and was more like an art to me than the earlier techniques. I saw a lot of possibilities from this session and plan to make a rug for my downstairs bath.

We started with knitted strips and wool strips.

You also use crochet thread and a shirring needle.

We started a pinwheel rug. I made mine go in opposite directions since I was only going to have the two wheels by the end of class.

As the ideas started to flow, I thought why couldn't you use crochet instead? I mean, I love knitting, but crochet is super fast and I wondered how it would look since you would be turning it on its side. It does look different from the garter strips, but I actually liked the crochet more. get difference looks depending on which side you flip it to. Here is one view (above).

...and the other side. I thought this would be a good side for the middle of flowers.

The ideas from this class were vast. I don't see myself doing it constantly, but I can envision one or two a year. First up, the aforementioned rug. Then maybe a wall hanging...

Part of what made this class even MORE fun (in addition to Rose Ann and the great info) was the mix of students. I sat next to Melinda and she had two ladies on the other side of her that had been long time friends. They were a trip! So, Melinda and I decided to start talking to each other that way and started joking that we were sisters. People actually did think we knew each other, but we just met when we sat down. We laughed a lot in that class and had a great time. At the end of the class, one of the funny ladies gave a bunch of us these bracelets that she was wearing. How nice are knitters!?!?

I ran over to market after class to check out the second half of the market floor. I picked up a coffee cup from a potter and some stitch markers. Her stuff is super cute! I HATE winter, but at least I will have a great merino cable sweater to knit up while drinking tea from my cute cup!

It was such a fun day. I rounded it out with a night out with PK. That night, I crashed and finally got a few hours of sleep at the hotel. Next up...Saturday class and a visit with Meg, Pete, and Jack!

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