Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Escape to Stitches Midwest: Part I

This past week/weekend, I escaped life and went to Stitches Midwest. I hadn't taken classes in a few years and didn't get to go last year, so I was super excited to go up this year. I signed up for 5 classes back in April. Apparently, I was REALLY excited to sign up for so many hours!

This was the first time I had gone since it moved from Rosemont. I really like the new place. We stayed at the hotel connected to the convention center. (Side note: The mini tv in the bathroom mirror was interesting. Scared me the first time I walked in and flipped on the light. All of the sudden I heard a news anchor talking!)

On Thursday I took Challenging Japanese Stitches. It was a fantastic class. The Japanese have beautiful stitches, but the charts can look overwhelming and their stitches are more complex than your typical knit/purl combos. We had 6 charts to work over and most of us got through 3 to 5. I got through number 5 and went over 6 with the instructor. I plan to sit down and try that one out when I feel bored one day. I must get my hands on one of the recommended stitch dictionaries. From there, I could try to start translating an actual pattern into knitting. Loved this new realm of knitting.

After class, I got in line for market preview. I kept telling myself, "Be good and stay on budget." Ugh. I cannot tell you how many women I heard say over the weekend, "I spent WAY more than I meant to." We get in there and it is like a tornado starts hitting each booth! I picked up a freebie from one of the stands. They were giving stitch chasers out to anybody who had a Ravelry button with their Ravatar name on it. I feel bad that I don't have the name to tell you, but I love the pretty little design of this tool. Cute, cute, cute. She sold cable needle necklaces and other metal tools/hardware.

I had to grab a little something something from Miss Babs. I settled on the Ashlar hat and Yummy Toes. This one will go to Raleigh in his stocking. Entrelac was everywhere this year. XRX has a new book out on the topic and there were garments all over using the technique.

And, after swearing that I wouldn't buy a bag, I bought a bag. A show special for a three piece set from Debra's Garden. The organizational bag even came with stationary and miscellaneous craft items (ribbons, crocheted flowers, buttons, etc). How fun is that?