Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer TV

If I had life to do over again, I think I would have embraced my love for television viewing more and gone into telecommunications in some shape or form. I LOVE to watch TV and it fits so well with knitting and crochet. Every year, I would get through May finales and then blech until September. I never ever understood the lack of programming in the summer. I mean, all these families are at home, it is too hot to be outside, everybody is on each other's last nerve, and they have nothing to watch but reruns. It always seemed like a good market to hit.

Well, somebody finally went for it because there are all kinds of summer shows now. Ahhhhhh.....something to Tivo and watch while I knit. Here's my review of some new programs.

The Closer: Of course, this is a returning series that is sometimes shown in the summer. Brenda Lee and the wonky cast of detectives serve up a good detective story each week. A perfect mix of drama and humor, but a little heavier on the drama side than some other shows to follow...

Good Guys: This show is also a detective show, but is heavy on the humor side. On several occasions I have laughed until I cried at the antics of Dan Stark. Yes, that is a Hanks in the role of Jack, but this show is all about Dan and Bradley Whitford pulls it off. Just what you need on a Monday night.

Lie to Me: Also a returning show. This group of investigators are all about deception detection. A little predictable for my taste, but a good filler show. I do enjoy the application of real-life expressions that are shown when the "tick" is shown on a character to give away the lie. I often wonder if one of the celebrities is sitting there watching the show and, bam, they see themselves on the screen being accused of lying.

Rizzoli and Isles: Finally, a female-centric double lead. The show reminds me of reading a series of female detective novels. Good stories and you can already start to connect to the characters. The addition of Donnie Wahlberg adds a nice little extra spice.

Covert Affairs: I mean Alias 2.0. Sometimes I have to look up to make sure that it isn't Jennifer Garner on the screen. Did she watch Alias and intentionally try to sound and act like Jennifer? Her facial expressions, phrasing, everything... The original Alias was better and had a more serious tone to it. Covert Affairs is lacking the overarching mystical mystery of Alias, but there is more to be shown here. Worth a continued look to see what develops.

Rookie Blue: I affectionately call this show Grey's for Cops around our house. You get the idea. Central character with lots of others around her that each have their own hang ups and plot twists. Two men of interest for Meredith...or whatever her name is. She is even complete with a damaged parent who used to be a cop too. Not sure which McMan I want her to go for just yet...

Boston Medical: Reality show set in, you guessed it, hospitals in Boston. Each week I say I'm not going to watch and then I do. There is one intern who is the poster child for an insensitive arrogant doctor. If only he didn't overshadow all the other good doctors and nurses on the show.

Rescue Me: I LOVE this show. The dialogue is just so great and the acting is wonderful. I will miss it SO much when it is over. Every week there are so many great lines that I swear I will remember and use. Then, I forget them or I chicken out of saying them!

Big Brother: My summer guilty pleasure. Yes, I know. Total brain crap, but I like it.

Mad Men: DON DRAPER! Need I say more? I needn't, but there is so much more to the show than just him. All the characters are fabulous. My one request...bring back SAL!

Eureka: I'm not typically a sci-fi girl, but my hubby has converted me somewhat. He's done such a good job that I even watch some that he doesn't. This clever little show is formulaic, but it works and I always get a laugh and feel like I'm hanging out with old friends. If I got to live in a TV show this would be my second choice. The first? Star's Hollow, of course? I speak Gilmore!

Persons Unknown: I'm hooked on this one. I don't think it is going to end up where I originally thought, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Haven: 2 thumbs down. I'll watch anything, but yawn.

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