Thursday, July 15, 2010


I resisted the temptation to get an iPad...well, for a few months anyway. I finally gave in after hearing from colleague after colleague about the wonders of it. I do have to say that I also LOVE it. I got myself a nice (cheap) red cover for it that can also convert into a stand for video viewing.

An unexpected side effect came out of buying the iPad. All of the sudden, I started avidly reading again. As a kid, through high school and college, and into my publishing career, I would read constantly. During the summers growing up in such a small town, I would spend from morning to late at night reading book after book. Reading was an activity that I had in common with my mom, aunt, great aunt, and grandmother. They were always swapping books and going to the library. When I started knitting so much, my reading fell way off and eventually became almost non-existent.

Then, I bought my iPad. I found myself browsing online books and really getting drawn into books again. The reading experience on the iPad is great, IMO. The fact that you can use Kindle, B&N, or iBooks is great. You aren't limited by any one device/company. You can shop around for the best price. I read a few books on it, which then pushed me to start reading those on my physical shelf, and all of the sudden my old reading habits are back! Now...that hasn't been great for my knitting time, but I'll get to that in the next few posts. I get asked a lot about reading outside on the iPad. I don't have any issues. I turn the brightness all the way up and it is fine.

I use iAnnotate for my patterns. I can load up a PDF of a pattern into this app and then I can mark it up with notes and such. For example, I am re-knitting a February Lady Sweater and I have it on my iPad.

I happened to purchase the PDF version of The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design by Shannon Okey. I am able to highlight important parts that I want to refer back to later. (On a side note: If you are someone interested in getting into knit design in any way--designing, editing, setting up a knit business--this is a fantastic reference. There is SO much in here that until now has just been word of mouth or each person re-inventing the wheel and all the pain that goes with that. Having a background in publishing, I also found it to be a great perspective on working with editors and the entire process of publishing content in any form for public consumption.)

 I wanted to include a picture of a picture to show how well it displays visuals in documents. What better example than that of Christina and her new Ginger Leaves pattern available at Knit Picks. All you Classic Cable fans should run over and grab up this pattern!

As you can see, I've incorporated my own knitting take on using the iPad, but I think that is the absolute beauty of the device. Whatever your interest is, you can make iPad work for you. I have ALL of my music on it, videos for viewing on the plane, books, photos, notes, and full access all the time to any website, including Ravelry and all of my stash inventory and patterns.

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Shannon Okey said...

Thanks! That's super cool to see it on your screen!