Friday, June 18, 2010

Wesley the Elephant

During our trip, we stopped at A Likely Yarn. My find at their shop was a crochet booklet from Leisure Arts named Cute Little Animals. I had been wanting to make some little animals as gifts, but wasn't too keen on knitting them. Problem solved--crochet! I also had wanted to do one from a written instruction to get my feet wet enough to then try to design a few of my own. (I need to figure out a Kiki pattern, right?)

Well, they had Wesley the Elephant as a shop sample and he was really cute. They had crocheted him out of a soft linen with a G hook and he was really, really open looking. I decided to drop my needle size to get a more closed look (like the booklet) and I picked up Jarbo's Soft Cotton. I liked their Duo yarn, so I thought I'd give this a whirl. What a great little cotton that is great for kid projects. I can't speak to any stretch issues as I only used it to tightly crochet this project.

It was really easy to follow the instructions and the seaming of the pieces together went surprisingly fast. Crochet is so easy to finish because all the lumps are built in to hide your "thread" and what not. 

The elephant is super soft when stuffed. Should be nice and cuddly for Raleigh.

Love his cute little tail!

The projects in this book are really cute and fun. Most of them are simple single crochet, slip stitch, and a single crochet decrease. The author does a great job in her how-to pages, as well. Although all are marked for intermediate levels, if you have done a few projects, you could venture into these. It took me 3.5 hours of RELAXED (i.e. checking FB, letting out the dogs, etc) time to make him up, so they are great for those last-minute baby showers you didn't get to yet.

I plan to make the puppy and the dino monster.

If you don't use the Soft Cotton or the yarn recommended in the booklet, I would stick for a super soft worsted weight. I don't think a wool (other than merino) would work too well and I think a 100% acrylic would be too stiff. I was really happy with the Soft Cotton and I think a Jeanne Worsted would be a good one to select.

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