Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome to the World, Sir Raleigh!

My nephew Raleigh was born this past week--on my anniversary! What a great gift. This little man was not so little! He weighed in at over 9 pounds. His legs are super long and he looks just like my brother did when he was born. His chubby little cheeks are adorable.

Getting in my cuddle time.

Uncle Patrick...

Telling the world what he thinks already!

Hank was so cute. Any time Raleigh would make a sound he would run over and check on him. Nothing a good sniff and soft kiss couldn't cure. He is a gentle giant. He is also a big baby.

He also had to get in his cuddle time.

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Enid said...

congrats on your anniverary.
lovely looking baby, so content in the arms of his aunt and uncle.