Thursday, June 24, 2010

Talbott Street Festival 2010

Last weekend we ventured down to the Talbott Street festival. I was really impressed with the artists this year. Because it was right before vacation, I didn't want to spend much money, but boy could I have! There was so much that was worth it. My favorite pieces were by an artist from St. Petersburg Florida. Her name was Kimberly Marshall. I loved her textured flower pieces. She uses layer after layer of paint to get the effect and they were stunning.

I recently added some bird feeders and houses to the back yard in the hopes of keeping them happy versus fighting with the dogs and coming after me (that was a scary one that I forgot to mention). Anyway, there were several stands with outdoor decor. I grabbed up a two-story birdhouse that was really cute. I could have bought so many things from this stand. Cute, cute, cute. As we checked out the guy said if we were ever in French Lick to stop by. I was a little shocked to run into someone from my home town. I told him I grew up there and he looked shocked, too. Ah...small towns. : ) Well, I'm sure that I will be stopping in there on my visits home. I also found out that my aunt and cousin buy their yard decor from him too.

The one knitting item I allowed myself to pick up was this little Baa painting from a painter. I have stupidly misplaced her card, but I'll post the info when I find it. The color matched my paintings that I had already done and hung up in my yarn studio. I also went for the black sheep, of course. Gotta be different!

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