Monday, June 14, 2010

Just Too Cute and a Few "Thank You"s

While I was on my girls trip, I missed out on a visit with my SIL Meg and nephew Jack. Meg managed to snag a picture of Jack with Uncle Patrick and Kennedy managed to snag a little something that Jack left behind. Well, that poor little ball didn't stand a chance when put up against five pounds of Kiki.

I love this picture. Jack is such a cutie in his tie t-shirt.


I also need to give a shout out to the great knitting gifts I received for my birthday. Nancy gifted me the Miss Babs Yet yarn that I knitted Annis out of. Guess you can tell that I LOVED that gift! Already knitted and worn a few times. I plan to wear it on my upcoming anniversary too.

Tonia, as always, found some gorgeous yarn.

And these beautiful scissors!

And Carol is feeding my blanket addiction with this fantastic book and some yarn too. I had been looking at this book for weeks and was planning to buy it the next time I worked. The very morning I was going to buy it, Patrick brought me the mail and there it was! I love having a friend who can live miles and miles away and still hear my thoughts. : )

Thanks to all the ladies for making my 29th a great one.


Carol said...

Yeah, and I just turned 29 last month, too! :-) Glad you had such a good birthday! Love the yarn and the elegant scissors, too.

Tonia said... guys are 29...i didn't realize we all were the same age....amazing

Debbie said...

I don't care who you are - that dog of yours is the cutest on the planet