Monday, June 21, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow

After being inspired by the flowers at Roy's house in Virginia, I went out and tried to find some to add to the back yard. Some have worked, some...not so much. Here are a few pictures of the working ones!

This one, in particular, is doing really well in the area that still needs a lot of work. I'm thinking about getting lots of these in a variety of shades and blanketing the area.

These Lily flowers are going really well. I planted them last year and they have really spread and come in super thick this year. This bed has quickly become the best one we have in the back.

Patrick's garden. We should have some good veggies in July. Yummy!

The front is full of impatiens and hostas. You would think that I love to garden with all the flowers and such. In reality, I hate it because I suck at it! It never ever turns out how I picture it in my head. When the front of the house came out good, I about passed out. The back, still needs a makeover but it is tons better than it was when we moved in (i.e. not a single tree, dead grass, and no flowers). We now have 11 trees, three flower beds, live grass, and even SOME SHADE!!!!! That's the best part of all the hard work. We have bits of shade. Next house...already established yard is a must.

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Meg and Pete said...

Gorgeous flowers! I agree about the next house purchase. We had zero landscaping too. Never again! What I would do for a shade tree now!