Monday, June 7, 2010

Girls Trip Part Four: A Trip to Nancy's Virginia Home

The second half of our trip was focused on visiting where Nancy was born and spent a lot of her childhood. The country was beautiful. We chuckled at the fact that every 30 seconds somebody said, "Look at that. It's pretty." I've always dabbled a little in photography and the landscape was great for the camera. Enjoy all the pictures as they really tell the story better than any words I could use.

Here is Nan with her step-dad Roy. This man was so brave--he let all three of us camp out at his house. The neighbors were very curious about this onslaught of women in the area. In tradition with Nan's family, I was given a nickname.'s the story...My maternal grandfather's last name was Fields. I happened to mention this one day to Nancy at the shop and she stopped and said, "I bet we are related." I didn't realize that she has a lot of Fields family. One of the men in VA was named Perry Fields. (They all pronounced is Purry.) I quickly became Herry (sounds like Hurry). I don't think I was called Gina or Gigi (Nan's nickname for me) once in VA!

Nancy enjoying being home...

In this series of pictures, Nancy decided to run done the hill in front of the cabin. I love how we become children again when we feel the freedom of running and being silly.

The cabin

The view from the cabin.

Tonia hanging out on the front porch. It was a great knitting spot!

We celebrated Nancy's birthday with a cake/ice cream and some southern cooking. Soup beans, corn bread, battered fish, and fried potatoes. We all brought back some runion mix to Indy--along with a few recipes for a dill relish.

Nancy's cousins: Lee and Linda

As you can see, we all fit together like we had always known each other. Maybe we are related!?!

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