Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shopping Spree: Closet Reorganization

I had been doing really, really well about not spending more money on yarn and other knitting-related items. For a full two months, I held myself off. Well, a few weeks ago I hit a massive rough patch in life. When I was in high school, I remember this kid who was running through the parking lot at night. Our school had just put in speed bumps to slow down all of our teenage driving. Well, he forgot about these and literally hit the speed bump on foot and went down face first. Poor guy took a lot of ribbing for that one. Whenever life slaps me in the face, I always think of that event and how much we laughed about it. It gives me hope in some of my darkest moments that I will be able to look at the event and giggle and move on.

Like many people, I tend to either spend money shopping or eat to fill up a void during tough times. That is why they call it comfort food, right? Anyway, I gave in to some shopping and I'm happy I did. I was still wise about it and if all goes well, I'll recoup all my money in the process. Curious? Well...

This is my craft closet. What a mess...and this only shows 1/2 of it!

The majority of the money I spent was on these items to organize the closet.
A DPN, Circular, and Crochet hook case.
2 Stitcher's closet organizers

I'll let you know how that all goes. I will have lots of cross stitch and fabric up for sale. If you are into one of these crafts and would like a first look, let me know. Prices will all be VERY reasonable. In addition, I will have a lot of clothes up for purchase. I have 5 tubs full of items to get rid of...

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Meg and Pete said...

Everyone deserves a good ol' shopping spree! Hope thing are better now. HUGS!