Saturday, March 13, 2010

Progress on the Saturn Circular Lapghan

After some frogging, I am back on track with Baby Klunk's lapghan. This blanket is so much fun to knit. Just when you get used to a stitch pattern, it switches to another pattern--and, often, in a new direction.

First you knit short rows in garter to get the pie shape.

Then, you pick up stitches around and put on a dividing line and a garter ring.

Next, you cast on additional stitches on the tip of one needle and knit them together with the existing live stitches. This section also has some puff stitches in it for some entertainment value.

On a side note, my SIL put together this post about the hats I made for my nephew Jack. So many cute pictures of him that I had to post a link!

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