Monday, March 1, 2010

How Did the Ravelympics Go? and Feb...

Well, my plan for the Ravelympics and for February in general didn't go as planned. That's both good and bad, I suppose.

I had planned to make this for the Ravelympics plus two baby bibs...

Well, despite my planning and winding of ALL those colors into ALL those little bags (um, like 30 total), I didn't get to do more than swatch, cast on, and knit three rows. I didn't know when I planned to knit this project that we would be going on a vacation. I tried to still do it. I stayed up late getting it all ready to go and packed it all up in the luggage...the checked luggage that was then lost for 2.5 days. The knitting gods were against me this time, so I kept working on the crochet that was in my carry on. 

I finished up these things for the Ravelympics instead:
  1. Three scrubbers for charity.
  2. 2 small blankets for a customer. 
  3. 1 baby hat for my nephew.
  4. 1 baby bib for my nephew.
  5. 1 washcloth for my nephew.
  6. 1 large lapghan for a customer.
That also is all that I did in February. I did cast on a blanket and shawl, but those didn't get finished up yet. I'm so behind now on things. So, the plans for March are...
  1. Finish variegated Gina Shawl.
  2. Finish thrummed mittens.
  3. Swatch/cast on/finish Knitting Zimmerman Yoke sweater.
  4. Finish nephew's blanket.
Where, you say is the Sasha skirt? Well, I will post on that in a few will happen, but in April instead!

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