Friday, March 5, 2010

The Gina Shawl Variegated

For this project, I did two things that are unusual for me:
  1. Used a BRIGHT variegated yarn.
  2. Steam blocked.
I wanted to knit a variegated version of The Gina Shawl so that everybody could see how the pattern looked with different colors. I purchased it the night before we flew to the islands, so I was in the warm weather/bright color mood. After picking several options off the wall, the ladies talked me into this one--and I'm glad they did! It is beautiful and I can see myself wearing it throughout the spring and summer.

I steam blocked this because I wanted to get more of the point on the center and for the wave on the sides to be more prominent, well, I also wanted to wear it that night. It worked really well to steam it! The wave on the sides stands out better with this method. The other thing I realized was that I didn't need the top to be a straight line. With how you wear a shawl, who cares if it is at a 45 degree angle or even? This realization also helped me to give more fabric to the wave area. Ah ha!

Here is a close up of the lace pattern. I love how the color changes worked into the pattern. Completely random...I think variegated yarns with either short runs or inconsistent runs would work best for this pattern.

US Needle: 9
Yarn: Prism Saki (1 skein; enough left over to make baby booties!)

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Jen said...

Oh, I love it. It turned out great!