Friday, March 19, 2010

FunKnitter's Gina Shawl

Each time I see someone make a garment from one of my patterns, I get butterflies in my belly. The fact that you get to be creative and share it with others and have them actually like what you do...well, it amazes me and leaves me in awe.  With social networking sites and the Internet, you can reach SO many people and you get to see what people make with your patterns. How lucky to design in this era!

Here are some pictures of a Gina Shawl knitted by Cordula (Ravelry: funknitter). What a great job!

Yarn: Silky Ombre Gradient in 5 Ply Wool/Silk/Bamboo
Isn't it beautiful? She dyes the yarn herself. AND, you can buy the hand-dyed yarn!!!  

Check out the Wooltopia blog post about the Gina Shawl...

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