Monday, March 29, 2010

Flowers of Spring Hat Pattern

I finished a new pattern! The Flowers of Spring Hat pattern is done and up for sale in both Ravelry and my etsy store. It is sized from newborn to woman's M/L, so there is something for everyone! Although the pattern as written combines a knitted hat with crocheted flowers, you could knit the hat and use a silk flower for embellishment if you don't crochet. You could also use boy colors for the guys in your life and instead of the flowers, leave the hat plain or sew on a fun sports-related button. I will also be making these hats for sale on my etsy site (all of the ones pictured here are for sale and will be up for purchase shortly).

 Yarn used: Jeannee DK by Plymouth
US Needle: 6 (okay, I used a 5 but because I knit loose, I suggest a 6 per yarn label)

Include just one flower or put them all the way around the hat.
A side note, these little heads were ones I received for Christmas. I think I need to name them! Suggestions? I have one lady, one man, and one child. I thought about Luke, Lorelei, and Rory!

The pattern also includes instructions for these little leaves. Fun!


Meg and Pete said...

I think those hats are darling! Can you bring them this weekend? I know I don't have a little girl but I'd love to see them in person!

P.S. Is Rory for the man or child head? Do we get to vote? I thought it would be funny to have Aidan name the child but he might say something like George Washington! (That is what he wanted to name :)

Marcy said...

Gina, these are adorable! If my little girl would keep a hat on, I would get one for every outfit! So cute!

Brownie Knits said...

Thanks Meg and Marcy! They were so fun that when I designed them I had to do the adult sizes to make one for myself!