Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You Rock Vest

Every 3 months I troll around the web, Ravelry, people's projects, vendor web sites, and my books in search of new ideas for classes. For January/February classes I really wanted to create a class that would be easy enough for beginners to take it as a second or third class, but could have a twist that would challenge more advanced knitters. Of course, it also needs to be cute and attractive!

I remembered seeing the Ribbed Vest from Plymouth, which is a simple long rectangle knitted in two different ribs. After looking in Ravelry at this pattern's popularity, I went about shopping one weekend. I saw these types of vests at retail stores and then saw two at a yarn shop. That was it--a sign. I thought, at worst, I make it up and have it to wear... Thus came the You Rock Vest class (named such in Ravelry by other knitters).

So you can see from the description and the picture that the knit is simple enough for beginners, but what's the twist for more experienced knitters? Well, if you are a continental knitter, I will teach you how to Norwegian Purl. This type of purl is often found to be most useful when working in rib because it allows you to keep the working yarn behind (as if to knit) the entire row. Just learning how to continental knit? This is a great practice project!

Ribbed Vest pattern at S&S: $4.00
Yarn: 440 yards of Super Bulky (Baby Alpaca Grande Hand Dye used here)
You could also hold Worsted doubled (880 yards)
Needle size: US 11 (I used a 10 given my gauge)
I will also show you in the class how to increase the fit size. If you want to make a larger size vest, you would need more yardage.
Class times: Wednesdays 1/13 and 1/27 1-3 OR
Saturdays 2/6 and 2/13 1-3 (This one is filling up, so get registered now!)

This was such a fast knit! I made it in a few afternoons...a perfect project to whip up for yourself when we are in the dead of winter, and the alpaca will keep you nice and toasty.

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