Thursday, November 5, 2009

Knitting Pure & Simple and ChicKnits

I just love patterns from these two design groups. I find myself buying them over and over again (and sometimes the same pattern on accident!). During a recent outing to a yarn store, I found some patterns to add to my collection.

Knitting Pure & Simple has a fantastic collection of top-down sweater patterns.
I really appreciate the sizing options that they offer--we all are different shapes, after all.
If you take a top-down sweater class from me, we utilize these patterns a great deal. They are great beginner sweaters even though they might look complex. (You can also use any of Christina's Classic Cable Knits patterns that we have at the store.)

The awesome thing about ChicKnits is how modern and stylish the patterns are.

I picked up this Malabrigo to make the Knitting Pure & Simple Cowl sweater (shown above).
I got it home and realized how MUCH it looks like Patrick's Briar Rose sweater. Oh well...

If you don't have any patterns from these designers, stop what you are doing and RUN to get at least one. You will be happy that you did. (In our recent poll of the Knit Along group, these designers were the group favorites!)

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