Saturday, November 28, 2009

Do You Think Buttons Are a Pain in the "Butt"on?

Do you have issues with buttons? Issues with buttonholes? But yet, you love buttons? I feel your pain. However, there are solutions out there. I recently completed my Shalom Cardigan, which had one large button at the top. I did a simple bind off and on the next row cast on buttonhole. When I washed the sweater, the buttonhole grew. This is common with washing and with time. Fret not. Here's what you can do...

Single crochet around the buttonhole. This will take up space and make the opening smaller.
Problem one fixed!

The second issue that comes up a lot with buttons is the droopy "butt"on. (Ha!) This is especially an issue when you use the very stylish larger and heavier buttons. Step 1: Collect buttons when you see ones you like or ones that are on sale--even if you don't love them.

This is my button jar. Although it contains a lot of cool buttons I love, it also
contains some boring buttons. Thus, Step 2:

Sew a boring button to the back of your heavy button. No more saggy button!

The other handy dandy thing about have a wide button selection is that you can layer boring buttons on top of each other to create an interesting button. The other great thing about buttons, they make cheap stocking stuffers!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this helpful information. My buttonhole experience is very limited, and I was thinking about doing a small buttonhole on Ron's mitts instead of the loop.

Thanks, G.