Saturday, October 3, 2009


I am lucky enough to have a lot of great writers in my life. I love being surrounded by creative people, especially those who can twist the world with their words. I decided, on this day, to share some of them with all of you.

Patrick Kanouse
My loving husband has many talents, but at heart it is his poetry that defines him. They are little paintings that flow from his mind to the paper. Recently, he had three poems accepted by the online Pennsylvania Review. The edition just came out and is up for reading at this link:

The Pennsylvania Review

You can also read his work at and

Larry Sweazy
A great friend with whom we share many a laugh. Larry is a Spur Award winner and his first full novel is launching on Tuesday! The signing/launch party is in Carmel so come on down to the celebration with us and meet this fantastic writer.

The Rattlesnake Season by Larry Sweazy
Launch Party: The Mystery Company in Carmel Indiana
Tuesday 6 pm for treats and music; 7 pm for signing
Wear a red bandanna to be entered in the drawing

Chris Coake
Chris is a bonus friend--meaning that when I married Patrick, I inherited all of his friends as he did mine. Boy, what a bonus friend! Chris's words and stories touch my heart. He has a way of writing that speaks to your inner self and you feel so connected to his characters. You can get a collection of his stories in his book: We're In Trouble

These are just a few of the amazing writers I have the joy to know. I hope that you will pick up their work and enjoy it as well.

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