Friday, October 2, 2009

To Variegate or No To Varigate?

Bramblewood out of Tahki Tweedy Alpaca

That is the question I often ask myself. You see, I love how variegated yarns look in a skein. Don't we all? I mean, that's why even non-sock knitters have a stash of sock yarn. The colors, the painted look, the fun--what's not to love? So I get sucked in and I buy it. I cast on and I love my swatch. I cast on my project and I think, "I will never wear this." or "This would look great on X friend."

It is true. I love to knit with solids. If I look at what I knitted and what I wear that I knitted, I have ONE variegated sweater that I wear. ONE!!!!! Try as a I might, I just don't carry off variegated well. All of my favorite sweaters, and for that matter clothes that I bought, are solid colors. This makes me sad on one level. Until...

Emma Jacket out of Tahki New Tweed

My recent discovery of my love for tweed!!!!! Of course, why didn't it ever occur to me before. Solid with some flecks in it. Gives it more interest, but it isn't too busy for me. I use tweeds (and for that matter heathers) for my husband's sweaters all the time. Why didn't I think to use it for myself? After knitting up my Emma Jacket with New Tweed and Bramblewood with Tahki Tweedy Alpaca, it hit me in the face. I will now be on the lookout for solids AND tweeds!

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