Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Patch and Haunted Hay Ride

This past Sunday we decided to partake of a little fall activities. We originally had planned to go to the Haunted maze in Danville, but the weather was rainy on Friday night and cold on Saturday night--plus the long drive. Instead, we opted to go to the Russell Farms pumpkin patch on Sunday. It was a cute little set up and is great for kids--big and small. We played the tic tac toe toss game and ended it in a tie.

We then went on the treasure hunt in the corn maze. Patrick got done a LONG time before me, but he sat in water so I wasn't too upset at him! We "won" our little prizes, which went to Aidan (sucker and a little thing to get your finger stuck in--total boy toy).

We then went off to the patch and picked out a pretty large pumpkin. After grabbing a carving kit, we were off. (We did stop at the Noblesville Tea and Coffee house on the way home to exercise my new love of herbal tea. I was seriously disappointed. The music was loud and I didn't care for my tea. I seem to only like the tea that has cinnamon in it.)

I was SO excited that this pumpkin turned out. I have NEVER had one be successful. Yeah!

Patrick baked the seeds in olive oil and fake salt. Yummy, yummy, yummy.
Patrick being silly on the hay ride.

Goodness I look tired.

That night we picked up my BIL and his girlfriend and headed to the haunted hay ride at Connor Prairie. They had a headless horseman haunted hay ride. It was enough to make you jump. I will admit that I was the first of our group to get scared, but Doug screamed the loudest! The little boy (about 3) behind me accidentally kicked me in the back and I jumped a mile. He thought that was the greatest thing!

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