Friday, October 23, 2009

Progress on Patrick's Sweater

The back and front of Patrick's Briar Rose sweater are done and I am now knitting the sleeves. This will be the first sweater I have done with a saddle in it. Oddly enough, we had two customers come in this past week that are also doing their first saddles and one of the other shop employees is knitting a sweater with a saddle too.

The way that the saddle is constructed for Patrick's sweater is simple enough. You knit the sleeves from the cuff up (your standard normal shaping along the way). The pattern has a center cable pattern. The top of the sleeve ends in a 2-4 inch panel that continues the center cable. This extra tab is then sewn to the front and back pieces at the shoulder. I'll post more as I get to that section of the sleeves.

A few posts back, I posted about knitting sweaters for men. There is another sleeve trick that I use ESPECIALLY when knitting sweaters for my long-armed hubby. I knit both sleeves at the same time on one needle. This means that I have the EXACT same number of rows on each sleeve. Although this is helpful when knitting any sleeves in a pieced pattern, but it is very helpful when knitting for men because there is much more length to track.

2 sleeves, 2 separate balls of yarn, 1 needle

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