Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Men's Sweaters continued

One of the things that drove me nuts when I would make sweaters for Patrick was how often I felt like the middle of his back would ride up. I didn't notice this much on my sweaters, but on him it was the first thing I saw every time I'd finish up a sweater. This is called back creep. Throughout classes I took, books I read, other patterns I tried, I discovered the magic of short rows for shaping in the bust area. Well, of course, this works on the back too. Duh. When I was reading one of EZ's books, I realized that I needed to insert this into PK's sweaters.

How do you do this, you ask? Well, I've seen various instructions for it. I decided to go the simple route. If I am making a top-down sweater that will have a neckline added on, I go ahead and do the short rows right off the bat--usually six rows. If I am doing pieced work, I have been putting in 4 to 6 short rows after the armhole shaping, but before the shoulder bind off.

Working in pattern, mark the middle of your back. Work to X number of stitches past the middle and wrap & turn. On the next row, work the same X number of stitches in the other direction past the middle and wrap & turn. On the next row, work a little further past the first wrap & turn, and wrap & turn again. Repeat in this fashion for 4 to 6 rows (I usually do an extra inch in length--so if 4 rows gets an inch then that is all you need).

Here is a great video on YouTube for a simple short row. Enjoy!

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