Monday, October 5, 2009

Lacey Temptation Cardigan in Vintage Wool

I finished up the Lacey Temptation Cardigan. This is another great pattern from Classic Cable Knits (aka Christina Wall). When I edited this one, I added it to my list of things to make. When I got hooked on the new Berrocco Vintage Wool yarn, I picked up this brilliant blue color. (To me it is blue, some see it more in the purple family. Take your pick.)

The lace and cable pattern is simple after you get the top back of neck knitted and picked up. I decided that this would also be a test for me about what I learned in working with Garter stitch. Garter grows, and grows, and grows. So, for this sweater I knitted the sleeves and the body (from underarm done) to 9 1/2 inches. This is an inch and a half shorter than called for in the pattern. If need be, I will take out the bottoms and add more length, but I really wanted to see what would happen if I ended short. For several other garter sweaters, I have ended up with sleeves and a body that are WAY too long.

The result: After blocking it I do NOT need to lengthen.
I do think the next time I block, I will pull a little more on the length.

Modifications: In addition to the shortening I did, I also picked up 4 fewer stitches under each arm for my size. This tightened up the sleeves a bit for me, which I needed. I did NOT use the smaller needle on the cuffs, but I did on the body.

A note about yarn: I used a worsted weight acrylic for this pattern. The pattern yarn is a sightly heavier worsted with alpaca in it. My stitch gauge was fine, but the row gauge must have been off. I ended up needing an additional 100 yards.

Size: I made the 41/42 inch bust size. The original version of this sweater doesn't really meet in the middle. However, mine crosses over! I was thrilled that it was too big (meaning weight loss) but bummed too. Molli suggested a shawl pin and I found a perfect one AND then I found this other one at home that I forgot I had. Two options!

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