Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Knitting Weekend

This past weekend was full of knitting fun!
There was the fun at the Classic Cable Knits knit-along. There was class...making the B4 Bag! There was a Sunday of knitting, excellent food, and lots of yarn!
Phew, I'm tired...good thing I have a mini vacation later this week...

Marcia took a class with me learning how to make felted bags.
She finished up these cute little items for presents.
What lucky little girls!
All of the B4 Bag ladies were loving them...

Nancy made some yummy deserts. Saturday's KAL included some lasagna soup. OMG! It was wonderful! I don't typically like lasagna, but I loved this soup. Perfect for the chilly day...

Jane hard at work on her sweater.

Everybody enjoying themselves and, hopefully, learning lots. This month we covered dividing for sleeves, trying on your sweater, adjusting for fit, and casting on in the middle of your row. We also conducted knitting interviews with each other. The big yarn winners were Malabrigo, Dream in Color, Vintage Wool, and anything alpaca. Alpaca. Alpaca. Alpaca.

Sara and Deb knitting away. What a beautiful shawl Deb is making.

I haven't a clue what they are talking about, but it looks like they are deep in thought.

Tonia's beautiful house. The chili was great! Nikki, there was cinnamon in it. Yummy.

Group picture. I was dutifully knitting on the Spiderman socks.
(I love Tammy's full on laugh in this picture.)

Sherman loved TusaRebecca. I think he was in heaven with all the yarn and ladies.

Said sock...
Check out Nikki's lovely red Manos sweater that she is making for me, um, I mean herself. :)

Tammy and Nancy knitting on the Einstein coat and fingerless mittens.

Tonia's husband, Rick, is such a kid at heart. He is turning part of the porch into a pirate's ship for Halloween. The kids of Crawfordsville will have a great time looking at this!

What a great weekend it was. Good (healthy) food, great friends, lots of laughs, and yarn at every turn. Thanks, ladies, for making my laugh so full of fun. Sorry I didn't have even more pix to share...


Christina said...

Oh what fun! It looked like a mini knitting retreat at Tonia's house! Ohhh how lovely! I'm green with envy!

TusaRebecca said...

That was so much fun!