Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

I loved Halloween growing up. The dress up, the candy, staying up late, a party at school--all of it. As a home owner, I despise giving out candy. Mostly because it freaks out our dogs. So, we are the boring neighbors who leave every light in the house off and hide in our bedroom. Pathetic.
We DO, however, make sure that we take care of the little ones in our life (aka Jack and Aidan, not Riley and Kiki).

Here is Jack's little package for Halloween. We picked him up this cute little cow in PA at the Boyd's Bear HUGE store.

He also received this little Pumpkin hat to wear for the rest of the fall.
Pattern: Pumpkin Hat from Patterns for Knitted Hats
Yarn: Encore Worsted
Needles: US 7
Size: 1 year

Aidan is a little older, so he got the candy. But we couldn't just give him any candy! We raided the candy aisles at the Boyd's Bear store. Patrick had a grand old time--cooked "eggs", bottles, and all kinds of other strange, but "cool for a boy", candy. Hope he likes it all.

The plus side of only buying for the nephews? No extra candy around to tempt us to eat sugar and ruin the weight loss!


Anonymous said...

What fun!

I love the new picture!


Meg and Pete said...

What a candy selection!!! The pumpkin hat is a HUGE hit! Jack has worn it around for several weeks now and everyone comments on it. He fit right in during pumpkin festival :)