Thursday, October 1, 2009

For the Love of Yarn

Take a one second look in my yarn studio (yes, it was to be a guest room), and you will be able to say, "She likes red." Oh so true. There are multiple reasons for my love of red:

1. It looks good on me.
2. I find it cheerful.
3. IU crimson falls into the category of red.
4. There is just something about a red couch that I find appealing.

Working at the store for five years now (which blows my mind), I hear it every day. "I always buy the same color." or "It's beautiful, but I just made a purple sweater." We all have our colors--those colors that make us feel like we look better and, thus, makes us feel better. I used to fight knitting in the same colors over and over. I gave it up. This is what pleases me and what looks good on me. I can't wear yellow unless I want to look like I'm about to vomit.

Do I only knit in red? Nope. I like black, dark blue, brown, deeper greens, and some purples. I mix it up with these, but if I fall in love with a red first. The red wins.

(The red colorway afghan is a Colinette kit in Fire. It was knit using their feather and fan pattern.)

Tune in next time for thoughts about variegated versus solid versus tweeds...

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