Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This past Saturday night we drove up to Lafayette for a visit with Patrick's side of our family. We got to spend a few hours with everybody, including both of our nephews. It was so cute to see Jack and Aidan interact with each other. Jack is at the stage where other kids are intriguing and Aidan was eager to oblige. Aidan would dance around and Jack would giggle and giggle. The thing that really cracked me up was Aidan calling him "Baby Jack" and then "Jack Jack".

Since we don't get to see Jack Jack as often, we went ahead and gave him his Halloween treats. I couldn't resist seeing the hat on him in person. It was a perfect fit!

Seeing Aidan sent me into a flurry in my head about his Spiderman requests...those are next up on the knitting list!


Anonymous said...

Thank you guys for making the trip up! I love the pumpkin hat :) I have a few pictures of the two of you together but they turned out blurry :( I'm hoping though to take some pictures of him with the new hat at the pumpkin patch this weekend! Great seeing you!
Meg (and Jack Jack :)

Anonymous said...

I love the hat - too cute!