Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Student Medallion Bags

I love seeing all of the finished Medallion bags from the classes. Here are two more!

Good job, Michelle!

I love this color combination, Denise!

There is one session left of this class (posted to the right on the blog). For all of you who have already made it, I'd love to see more pictures. Don't forget, if you take the class, my DH will cut the bottom peg board for you. Just drop the bag off at the store under my name. Also, if you would like to hire out the seaming work (handles, lining, and zipper), Nancy McGuire at the store is available for hire. She's an excellent seamstress.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gina! I have a question about the workshop where you knit anything for men. Is it one I can get help with any project? Do I need to purchase the yarn and pattern from your store?


Brownie Knits said...

Hi Diane (and all)!

You can get help with any project you are making for a guy in your life (toddler to adult). You can also make as many projects as you want to take on over the course of the class. Yarn does need to be purchased at the store for the projects, but patterns can be purchased wherever. I hope you can join the class. I love making things for Patrick and my nephews!