Thursday, September 10, 2009

Planned Knits for Upcoming Trip

Whenever we go on a trip, I start to mentally plan all the knitting I'm going to get done. Nevermind the fact that I usually get through about 1/10th of what I plan to do. Well, this upcoming trip is no different. I have 6 projects planned for a 5 day trip! Ridiculous, I know, but I'm not backing down. Because, here are my thoughts...

1. Lacey Temptation Cardigan: I MUST get this one done. It is a top priority so that I can have the cheat sheet ready for the KAL when I get back.

2. Ribbons Hat: My cousin Angela has two adorable little girls. She asked me to make them hats, so I am planning on knitting this one for the littlest one. I figured it will be good car knitting for our 9 hour drive. I should be able to knock it out in a few hours.

3. Big Girl Bonnet: The second hat for Angela's girls. This is a crocheted hat that should also work up in a day.

4. Big Girl Bonnet #2: I need to knit up some hats for my sister-in-law, and this is one of at least two that I have planned. Again, a day's work.

5. Patrick's Crochet Newsboy Cap: I have this crocheted an just need to seam it up. I figure this will be a good 30-minute project at the hotel.

6. Kitchen Sink Blanket: The original reason for this design was that I needed a gift for the wedding we are attending on this trip. Therefore, the sample from the shop is traveling to it's permanent home. I want to finish knitting up a new sample for the store. This pattern, although it is a blanket, goes really fast. I hear that one of you out there is on your third one already!!!!!!! This is also a great car project.

Now, as I would guess most knitters do, I worry that this just isn't enough. I have an additional three projects that I would really like to take along (okay, I could easily up that to 8!) We will see how contained I manage to keep myself.

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