Monday, September 28, 2009

Customer Kitchen Sink Blanket

I had a beautiful surprise on Saturday. Sue came into the store with her Kitchen Sink Blanket. It was gorgeous and she did a great job knitting it. We had mapped out some of her yarn and colors and she was able to throw in some additional stash yarn. It is a cozy afghan now and she is making another one already!

It is hard to put into words what it feels like to see people use a pattern that you design. It gives you this feeling of being thrilled and excited. You feel honored and nervous at the same time--at least I do. I worry about making sure that the knitter is happy--even though that is outside of my control at a certain point. I am also amazed that anybody would want to make something that I created. A GREAT amazed. Thanks, Sue, for bringing in the blanket. You did a great job!

If any of you out there in knitting land have made this blanket, I would love to see pictures. I would like to eventually build a gallery of the different creations. I hear that at least one of you is on her third or fourth one already! Thank you to all who have purchased a copy of this pattern.

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Meg and Pete said...

Congrats on having one of your patterns knitted! That must feel great!!