Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cool Jewelry Finds

During our recent vacation to PA, we spent some time just walking around the town. I was very disappointed to see that my favorite shop had closed. I always loved the little ironworks store. Sadly, it was gone. As was the yarn store.

One of the things I enjoy looking at on vacation is handmade jewelry. You can find some unique pieces for excellent prices. Then, you get home and don't have anybody around you who has the same thing. As my MIL said one time, my jewelry shows my wild side. I tend to take more chances with jewelry than I do with clothes.

This is a metal flower that I got for $6! Stop the show!

Made out of black clay. I think they were $35 for the necklace and earrings.

I purchased the black clay pieces at a little shop named The Spirited Ladies Shop. The lady was so nice. We were chatting and it turned out that she custom made the earrings for my cousin's wedding (the wedding for which we were visiting). Small world. This shop also had knitted and crocheted items for sale. A cute idea to have a store of all handmade items from locals.

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